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Biographie How to get your identity verified on Venmo?

Venmo accounts may have recently asked you to verify your identity. The payment app requires users to do this to comply with government regulations. The app will not allow anyone to store money if they don't participate in the venmo identity verification process. Instead, money must be transferred to and from a bank account.

Although there are always risks in revealing sensitive information to companies, identity verification is essential to reduce identity crimes. Venmo has also changed its privacy settings. You can choose whether you want your friends' list to be public, private or friend-only. Users can opt out of being visible on other Venmo users' friends' lists.

For more information or to report a payment app identity crime, please contact the Identity Theft Resource Center by phone at 8084654649 or live chat. Just go to to get started.

You may have received a message asking for verification of your Venmo identity. Have you been asked by the payment app to verify personal information such as your Social Security Number (SSN), and address? It's probably not a scam. Venmo is currently making changes. This includes updating privacy settings and verifying identity with all its users. Venmo is asking users to verify their identities as required by federal regulations.

What are the Intentions of the Changes?

Venmo will ask you to verify your identity. Otherwise, money cannot be stored on the app. It can still be used, but the money must go to or from a bank account, credit card, or other financial institution, as per Venmo's rules. Although some may be skeptical about receiving messages and providing personal information, identity verification is intended to prevent phishing attacks and other scams.
Venmo now allows users to choose whether they want their friends to be "public," "private," or friends. They can also opt-out of being shown on other Venmo friends lists.

Why should Venmo verify your identity?

The company's sensitive information is at risk of being stolen. According to Eva Velasquez, Identity Theft Resource Center's CEO and president, authentication and verification are still essential steps to prevent identity theft. The ITRC encourages everyone to verify their identity if they are legitimate. This is a great way to protect yourself. It also creates additional barriers that criminals can use to scam payment apps.

You can verify your identity using Venmo by opening your Venmo settings and then tapping "identity verification." Prompts will guide you through the process. This can only be done on the Venmo App and not on the website.

How to Keep Safe with Venmo

Although Venmo is a better way to verify your identity, identity crimes and scams can still occur. These are some ways to stay safe.

Turn on all security features such as screen lock/biometric locking and Find My Phone to prevent hackers from accessing your payment app or stealing login credentials.
To reduce hacking risk, use a strong, unique password. The ITRC recommends that the password be at least 12 characters in length.
Avoid phishing attacks and avoid unsolicited emails or text messages asking you to send money through Venmo. Don't click on attachments or links in emails you don't expect. Unsolicited payments may be sent by criminals to mobile apps.
Check for red flags, such as payments that you have not made using Venmo. Venmo should be notified if you feel you have been victimized. You can also change your password and scan your device with antivirus software.
You might also consider other cyber-hygiene techniques, such as multi factor authentication via an app on your smartphone. Venmo's privacy settings are now available. You can limit who can view your account by clicking "Settings'' in the Venmo app review and then "Privacy." Your account will be protected with additional layers of protection.

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