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Biographie 6 Benefits of Wood-Plastic Composite Decking

Wood-Plastic Composites, as the name suggests, are made from combined thermoplastics with recycled wood flour or fiber. WPC decking is the recommended decking choice today due to the many benefits they bring to homeowners as compared to traditional wood decking. There are many benefits of using WPC decking, which are as follows:

Low maintenance: WPC requires very minimal maintenance, since it does not require frequent sanding, varnishing, sealing, or staining, unlike traditional wood decking. It can be cleaned by simple cleaning methods. Spend more time enjoying your decking after a long day at work, and spend less time maintaining it!

Durable & Long-Lasting: Since WPC decking is a hybrid of wood and plastic, it possesses the combined strength of both materials. WPC decking has a much longer lifespan than traditional normal decking, due to the added strength from the thermoplastic components. With a lower wood content, it becomes more resistant to corrosion, rotting, decay, termites, and mildew.

Safe: WPC decking are created with slip-resistant designs (e.g. grooves) and do not splinter like traditional wood decking, making them a safer choice for children, pets and the elderly.

Cost Effective: WPC is the recommended choice for pool decking, since it is waterproof. Traditional wood decking tend to swell and warp when exposed to moisture and standing water.

Eco-friendly: WPC decking contains renewable and recycled wood fibers and plastic materials. The wood fibers are usually obtained from unwanted wood generated by lumber manufacturers, which will otherwise be wasted or sent to landfills.

Wood Plastic Composite Decking is the brainchild of new technology and efficient production processes. They add aesthetic and functional value to your house, and are cost effective in the long run. These strong and durable decking can be applied to decking, furniture, fencing and more. Many modern homes are choosing WPC decking as form of smart investment for the future of their homes.

Get to know the advantages of installing PVC ceiling panel

The ceilings need adequate attention. When everyone is looking for wall panels, the ceilings are often neglected. PVC ceiling paneling is highly recommended for its extraordinary durability and sturdiness. The ceiling wall panels are waterproof and ensure good insulation. A good quality PVC ceiling panel can last for more than 50 years with no complaints or callbacks. Here are a few benefits of investing in PVC ceilings for your application:

Can fill any length : Did you know that the PVC ceiling panel can get customized to fit any required length? The panels are easily cut into various shapes and sizes to fill up all the gaps in the ceilings.

Better than the conventional ceiling : PVC ceiling paneling is regarded as the better alternative as they are highly durable and strong. The ceiling can last for years without bending or warping. Unlike the conventional POP ceilings, PVC is not brittle and does not get damaged while handling. PVC ceilings are also a more affordable solution in moisture-laden areas like basements, grow rooms, garages, bathrooms and so on. PVC is highly waterproof, mold-resistant and anti-bacterial, making the material an ideal choice for moisture-rich zones. POP and gypsum ceilings are moisture absorbent, stain easily and turn yellowish pretty quickly. The white, bright and light-reflective PVC panels are ideal for ceilings as they discourage dampness and do not support mold or mildew growth.

Easy to install and clean : The lightweight PVC ceiling wall panels are simple to install anywhere. They are easy to handle and come in DIY kits. The panels have studs and hidden fasteners that get attached to one another seamlessly with the help of interlocked tongues and grooves. PVC ceilings have the fastest installation time and are super easy to maintain. You would never require to paint, varnish or coat the panels for routine maintenance. Quickly wiping the panels with a damp cloth and household cleaners is enough to keep them looking new and white. PVC ceiling panels require no deep cleaning and do not stain or turn yellow.

Affordable : One of the biggest reasons to invest in PVC ceiling panels is that they are highly affordable. Firstly, PVC is a one-time investment as they are not susceptible to callbacks. This quality makes you save on repair works and investments in replacements. Secondly, the lightweight panels are strongly made with the Truss technology offering exceptional strength and durability. The durability factor ensures the longevity of the panels adding to its affordability. Lastly, the PVC ceiling panels require no extra material or skilled labor for their installation. The entire set-up of the ceiling can be done in a DIY method and is hassle-free.

What are the benefits of external wall cladding/exterior surfaces?

External wall cladding has now become a popular alternative to painting exteriors of buildings. This is because wall cladding, as opposed to painting not only, elevates the visual appeal of your exteriors, but it also guarantees extreme protection against many factors. Additionally, industry experts agree that external wall cladding is the economical option to go for. A global market leader in the laminates industry, Merino presents Armour- exterior grade compact laminates. Armour is the ultimate choice for external wall cladding and is exclusively designed to give the exteriors of your building the makeover they need.

Read on to know why you should opt for external wall cladding solutions if you are looking to transform the looks of your exteriors.

1.Supreme Protection: Cladding your external walls directly translates to enhancing the level of protection given to your buildings. You are essentially adding a coating to your building- making it resistant to many external elements that could possibly cause harm to your buildings such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, sudden changes in humidity and temperature and so on. External wall cladding also increases the overall strength of buildings.
2.Insulation: Say goodbye to high power consumption bills by using external wall cladding. It provides a high degree of insulation by reducing heat absorption and helps maintain a cool temperature indoors. Armour has been recorded as ‘Energy Saving System’ and has shown results of 20% reduced energy consumption in maintaining indoor temperature wherever installed.
3. Easy to Care for: Compared to other solutions, external wall cladding is the easiest to maintain. It is pretty much the lowest maintenance option out there and only requires consistent washing to keep up its look and strength. Save up on unnecessary touch-ups and repairs. So, factor this in before you spend a fortune on other high maintenance options.
4.Elevate the beauty of your building: Apart from giving your building exteriors the toughness it needs; external wall cladding enhances its splendour. If you are in the middle of remodelling your home or commercial properties, cladding is the best option you can go for to modernize your space. Give your exteriors a complete transformation by opting for external wall cladding. Merino Armour brings to you the unique combination of toughness and beauty.

What are the main benefits of privacy screens?

Privacy screens are a practical and aesthetically pleasing option to improve privacy for homeowners. Offered in a range of materials, colours and styles, privacy screens and louvres can add a touch of architectural design to your home whilst securing areas that may otherwise be exposed, such as decks used for outdoor entertaining, your front fences and even your balconies. Many DIY privacy screens lean towards materials such as timber, pine and lattice, all of which can be damaged by the elements over a few seasons. A professional privacy screen is usually hard-wearing aluminium in slats, or made with opaque/obscuring glass. Privacy screens aren’t just for ensuring privacy, but also host a range of benefits that suit your lifestyle. In our harsh Australian climate, privacy screens can offer protection from the elements by blocking off the sun, wind and rain and giving you a space to enjoy with family and friends. Privacy screens also offer a solution for extra space that won’t break the bank, by allowing you to establish an area that has clear boundaries and shelter, without needing to invest in extensions or adding extra rooms. This also provides a space to relax in peace – whether that be from neighbours, strangers on the street and even our family. A space to enjoy together, alone! With the wide range of designs and styles that are available, your slats and screens can work to suit any home and meet the needs of you and your family. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and privacy screens can even be used to fence off unsightly features such as wheelie bins, water tanks and sheds.

Tell you The advantages of wpc anti-slip boards

As a new type of material, composite floor is widely used in gardens, decks, Railing, Fence, pavilions, flower boxes and so on.It replaces some engineering materials based on wood. The WPC has character of highly resistant to moisture and termites, no rotten, no
cracking, and color stability, so it will take place of wood decking and plastic decking and will be wildly used in the outdoor. Now,we talk about the advantages of the composite anti-slip boards:

Due to the participation of the plastic components in the wood-plastic composite floor, the density is relatively large when the composite material is extruded by the extruder,So the water absorption of wood-plastic lumber is generally less than 1%Wood Plastic Composite requires very little care as it has a strong resistance against weather conditions.

In addition of being water resistant, it is also slip resistant. Considering WPC for floor decking around a swimming pool is excellent. No need to worry about kids running barefooted around it!

WPC can be available in different colours, and note that this is not a simple paint coat that can be easily affected by weather. 
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